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Thoughtful Giving $

Thoughtful Giving $

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Rethinking Gift Cards

Gift cards get a bad wrap. Often looked at as the easy way out, they have many benefits for the person who receives it. Choice is a powerful thing!

Most gift cards are given at special occasions. Often when you are buying for everyone but ourselves. That gift card means that someone can choose something for themselves that they probably would have never splurged on. They can shop when they are ready and can enjoy the experience. 

If so impressed they can buy for someone else and extend the thought that somebody wanted to make their day. Think all the folks that get those gifts that jokes are made of like too many ties, socks, drawers and unnecessary plastic objects. A Gift Card would have been SO much better! 

The Holidays are a ways off but now might be a good time to avoid a busy time later. You may have some names you can check off early by giving them the gift of artisan made ironwork of their choosing. 

During hard times it is always helpful to know you were in some ones thoughts. Gift cards offer safe shopping for you and your special person from purchase through delivery. All of our ironwork is made right here in Alabama, by hand at our rural forge. 

And of course, it is one more way for us to survive and compete for your financial support! We can not thank you enough!

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