Together ~ A Wife's Perspective of A Generals Life

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Together by Katherine Tupper Marshall 1947

Brigadier General George C. Marshall was chosen by President Roosevelt to be the Chief of Staff of the Army at a time when our nation was being drawn into the second world war.

This book is the telling of the history of that time through the perspective of the wife of an officer. The life of a generals wife is a very unique position with many responsibilities and personal insights. The recounting makes for wonderful historical reference and a very personal biographical view into their lives.

A very hard to find edition from the Peoples Book Club of Chicago copyright 1947. The copy is in very good condition. There are 296 pages of content with a section in the back of historically significant black and white photographs. The soft yellow pages are clean with sharp edges and corners. There is light foxing around the page edges. 

The hard back covers have frim boards with only minor wearing on the corners. The sage green cloth has faded some with more light damage on the spine. The gold and black print is legible. The boards are secure to the spine and pages. The inside covers have a wonderful water color painting of the Marshalls and their pet dalmation with rich colors. 

Shipping costs are included in this hard to find edition of American history. 

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