Unique Moss Green Forged Iron Wall Hook

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Who Says Iron Work Has To Be Black?

We just like to do things a little bit different around here. Having nothing but black iron limited design and clients. We found early on that were some stereotypical concepts about iron work that made it hard to get a serious look from some folks.

As we developed a color palette for our hardware it was important to me that it be opaque and not cover the fingerprints of the process on the steel. I also wanted to develop tones that were organic and would be a high light but not the star of the show. Nature provided me with the perfect box of crayons.

This is about as "colorful" as we get around here. This spring green patina can brighten in room without being electric. The hue highlights the detail work that the artist blacksmith has hand hammered on the forged leaf.

The piece is just one 6 inches in length and about 2 1/2 inches in width. The fabric friendly fish tail hook is about 2 1/2 inches deep. There are 2 inset mounting holes for flat head screws that ware included with each hand forged hook. 

Care is very simple. Polish your iron work regularly with a bees wax based furniture polish. Bees wax is the best protectant for ironwork from moisture in the air. No chemical cleaners or abrasives should be used.

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