Uniquely Beautiful Iron Towel Bar

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Hardware That Makes A Statement

As a artisan maker we can provide functional hardware that will fit in places where standard sizes don't work. As an artist Walter can create something that is unique in your home and adds value as both a decorative piece and a well made asset to your home.

This lovely towel bar was forged to "grow" from the bar to the wall. The vine splits in gentle curves that softens the look of steel that provides strength and durability. These techniques are hand hammered and require many heats and beats to get from a stick of iron to the end result.

The finish is a hand applied Bronze. The cured bronze is then toned with layers of translucent coats of patina that add depth and highlight the work of the fire and hammer. The bar and vine lean toward a warm brown tone while the leaves have just a slight bit of moss green. All ironwork will vary a little in color depending on the color palette of your room. It will reflect the colors nearby and highlights change with the lighting 

This heirloom piece of decorative Iron Hardware is easily maintained by polishing regularly with a bees wax based furniture polish and a microfiber cloth. A quick once a week wipe will protect the iron from natural moisture and give the finish a nice satin finish.

The Towel Bar is 14 1/2 Inches wide. The bar stands 4 inches off of the wall. The back plate and accents are 5 inches high. There are mounting holes and wood screws provided but we encourage you to use anchors specific to your hanging situation.

This is a one of a kind piece. 

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