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Vintage 1970's Open Country 6pc. Camp Cookware Set

Vintage 1970's Open Country 6pc. Camp Cookware Set

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Nice Complete Set of Outdoor Cookware                      Unused in Original Box

What a cool set with most everything you need to cook over a campfire. The box is a bit worn but the pans do not appear to have been used. There are no signs of heat on the bottoms of the pans. All are in excellent condition.

There are 3 graduated stock pots with lids. The lids are ringed for easy lifting. The set includes 2 non stick skillets that share a removable handle. There is a good size coffeepot with all the parts for brewing. A set of 6 brown compartmented plates and 6 cups all stack together inside the largest stock pot.

The box has a detailed list of equipment and instructions on use and how to stack for minimum space requirements. There are instructions on how to make coffee if you haven't ever perked a pot!

All parts are clean and unused. Perfect size for camp or Coleman type grills. Open Country made a variety of these sets in the 70's. Made for hiking its light weight and space efficient.

Only one set available. Cost includes delivery.


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