Vintage Copper Colander with Punched Star Pattern

  • $ 24.50

Decorative and Functional Copper Strainer 

I was so surprised at the quality of this wonderful Vintage Copper Colander! It is a very heavy, well made kitchen basket. You want to just just look at it like a summer sunset but it is a completely usable vintage piece of kitchen ware.

The colander is 10 inches in diameter with a strong rim. The center has a punched tin star design that makes a wonderful wall accent. The back has a stout ring on which to hang the tool. The patina is very nice and there are very few defects. This was part of a small collection of vintage European copper that I purchased at an estate sale. I don't know its story to pass along. It needs to start a new chapter as it serves a new generation.

Only 1 of these lovely copper colanders for sell in the Time Keeper Kitchen.

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Made to Last. Made to Pass.

From the Time Keeper Cottage Vintage Kitchen Curation