Vintage Copper Melting Pot with Brass Accents

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Copper Melting Pot with Bottom Fed Fill Spout

I believe that kitchen vessels and gadgets were artistically designed to make the cook happy. A Happy Cook means good food! This bottom pour Copper Melting Pot was made to allow someone to to pour from the bottom layer of separated liquids. The fill spout makes adding melted liquids a breeze. Perfect size for warm syrup!

This Vintage Copper piece is still very useable and will look so pretty on a shelf or counter. The little pot is 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches in diameter on the bottom. The lid is tight fitting and in good condition. There are a few small spots of oxidation that might well polish off with a good cleaning.

I wonder if "Pour la Table" means Don't spill it on the table!

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From theTime Keepers Cottage Vintage Kitchen Collection.