Vintage Coppertone Lincoln Beautyware Cake Taker

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Mid Century Beautyware Cake Storage Box with Locking Lid

This is another wonderful example of kitchenware that was made in the USA. Lincoln Beautyware had a line of products that were well made and pretty to see.

I love this Cake Taker because it is still very usable and has the fingerprints of its story on its shiny finish. There are a few places of oxidation along each side of the topper and along the seams. But over 90% of the surface still has lovely copper tone. The handle is wooden and the graphics in black are clear. There are a few minor dings but you can tell it was cared for. The scratches on the sides for me are signs that it was used regularly and that the cakes inside must have been good. The bottom platter is in very good shape and the locking mechanisms work very well and are tight. 

The bottom platter is 12 inches square. The Lid is 10 3/4 inches square and the piece is 7 1/2 tall. 

If your kitchen could use a shiny piece of copper storage I think you would love this vintage box. It has many years of family gatherings left. 

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A Piece from the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Kitchen Collection.