Vintage Floral Watercolor New England Aster

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Lovely Botanical Print of Aster

In very fine detail the artist has presented a beautiful replication of this lavender wildflower. It was chosen by the Smithsonian as part of a collection of prints sold as education and artistic souvenirs for museum visitors. 

This original set was purchased in the 1960's on a family visit tit he museum. The New England Aster was one of 17 in the collection. The vintage print is in excellent condition being stored for many years in the original envelope. The page has a soft Ivory background and the colors are very rich. The print is 12 x 9 inches in size with a blank back.

I have only one New England Aster print available for purchase. Your cost includes carefully packed Shipping in the US. Contact me for shipping to other areas.

Made to Last. Made To Pass. A Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Paper Collection.