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Vintage Hydrangea Flower Brooch with Hand Tied Beads

Vintage Hydrangea Flower Brooch with Hand Tied Beads

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Wonderful Artisan Pin in a Lovely Shade of Blue

As I took photos of my new/old pieces to add to the shop I realized the perfect light at my hydrangea bush was a natural background for the collection. This vintage brooch features a hand tied Hydrangea bloom on a pressed tin pin base.

The skill of the maker is evident by the careful layering to create a 3 dimensional flower. The light blue flower beads create the perfect Hydrangea bloom. I can see this as an eye catching focal point on white or green fabric. Wouldn't this be pretty on a summer hat! Or a hair class! What would you brighten up with a hydrangea bloom?

The vintage pin is 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

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