Vintage New/Old Enameled Press Tin Tiles in White

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White Enameled Pressed Tin Ceiling Tiles

Sometimes you open a box and are just amazed by what you find inside! These tiles must have been left over from the construction of a vintage kitchen in a new farm home.

The pressed tin panels are coated in a snow white enamel paint with very few defects or scratches. The design is an art deco style with simplistic lines that form a lovely pattern when placed together. 

The panels are 12 1/4 inches square and stand approximately an 1 1/4 in relief.

If you are working on a kitchen make over these would make a lovely back splash. One panel alone on a wall or a shelf is a very eye catching piece of farm house decor. They could also be personalized by adding art or graphics of your choosing. There are so many possibilities for these Oh so Cool, Enamel Panels.

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Made to Last. Made to Pass.

~A Time Keeper Cottage Vintage Curated Collection~

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