Vintage Swiss Wedding Stein Music Box

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Unique Wedding Presentation Music Box

I have always favored music boxes. A first favorite memory is of my stretching as high as I could on my toes trying to reach my grandmothers musical powder box and hear it play "To Each His Own"


This music box has so many wonderful things going for it. First it is a lovely hand crafted music box from a different era. Then when you inspect it closer you realize it is a wedding vessel. The front art work is an embracing couple. On either side are the symbols of a new marriage, a beautiful country church and a quaint mountain someplace complete with flowers. The base features banded layers of floral and artistic decorative work. The colors range from a deep Royal Blue to lighter shades of peach and green.

The hinged brass lid is in good working condition. The patina has darkened with age as to be expected but I think it would clean very well if that were your preference. Both the lid and handle have ornamental work all around. The inside of the bell is marked numbers and makers marks. The 4 1/2 deep vessel inside has an ivory pearl enameling. The piece is 9 inches tall and the base has a 3 1/2 inch diameter.

The original label on the bottom has the name MAPSA. It confirms Swiss Music Movements, that are still working. The first few letters of the tune are difficult to see, ___ink Bruderlein is the name of the tune. I only played about 30 to 40 seconds of the box twice and it played both times.

This would be such a unique way to present someone with a wedding gift. The vessel is just right for a special piece of jewelry or money for the brides dowery.

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