Wall Hook with Artful Leaf and Vine Accents

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Unique Artful Hardware for Grab and Go Storage

Here at the Forge we work towards designs that fill the space between too plain and too ornate. The nature inspired accents that Walter sculpts into his designs are a lovely addition that adds just the right amount of decorative element to an ordinary piece of hardware.

These wall hooks are very strong and will hold the weight of heavy bags and jackets. 
The fishtail end is fabric friendly and will not tear or dimple towels or coats. the hanger has 2 inset mounting holes that provide stability to the wall. Flat head wood screws are included.

The barrel of the hook has a traditional forged twist. The top has been forged out into a long vine with a lovely hammered leaf on its end. The barrel and vine are a brushed silver. The leaf is a lovely green achieved by multiple layers of different hues of patinas and bees wax. The application highlights the hammer work.

Care of heirloom ironwork is  so easy!

Bees wax is one of natures most perfect preservatives. Maintain your ironwork by polishing with a bees wax based furniture polish and a microfiber cloth. It will buff to a nice protective satin finish.

This artisan hardware is 8 12 inches long with a right leaning leaf that extends about 3 1/3 inches. The fishtail hook is about 2 1/2 inches deep.

Only 1 of these unique iron works available. 

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