Wall Hook with Hammer Sculpted Leaf

  • $ 40.00

Decorative Wall Storage in Forged Iron

Here at the Forge wall hooks are something we make a lot of! They are one of those things that folks can use in any room for a multitude of uses.

Forged Iron is strong. It will hold as much weight as your wall will support. These hangers are made to do the job needed. The fishtail hook is a fabric friendly design and will not snag or dimple your coats or towels. They are wonderful for heavy bags and backpacks. All those things that need to be in grab and go spots.

Hardware naturally draws the eye. It shouldn't be ordinary, it should add to the beauty of your space. The leaf and vine motif that are a signature of this artist work is something that is at home anywhere.

This forged iron wall hook is 8 inches in length. It is about 3 inches wide at the widest point and has a 3 inch deep fishtail hook. The barrel has a traditional forged twist and 2 inset mounting holes. 

The leaf is finished in beautiful shades of opaque green tones that highlight the character marks of the fire and process. The vine and hanger are finished in a brushed pewter tone. These are colors that blend with most decorative palettes.

Handmade artisan iron makes a wonderful gift. It shows thoughtful giving and is something they can always find a use for. I promise they will not have one of these already!

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