William Adams and Sons Antique Ironstone Pitcher

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Lovely English Ironstone Pitcher

Wm. Adams and Sons were one of the wonderful English Staffordshire Potteries that produced beautiful elegant china that were proudly displayed in China cabinets. The pieces were made from wonderful clays and bisques available in the area at the time. Materials that resulted in high quality wares that are still usable and highly collectible.

This vintage Pitcher is one from a collection called "Empress". The accents have a simple elegant art deco designs that adds nice texture to the shape of the vessel. The piece was once pure cream color but time has crazed the glaze to a very nice darker patina with crackling in white linear patterns. There are no chips or damage save one black mark on front edge. I think it would remove with a micro fiber sponge but I prefer to leave desired cleaning to the new owner of a piece. It appears to be a surface mark and not glaze discoloration.

This Empress Iron Stone Pattern had this pitcher in 3 different sizes. This is the largest of the 3 milk pitchers. It is 6 1/2 inches tall 5 1/2 inches deep and 3 1/2 inches wide. The Hall Mark of the Wm. Adams And Sons pottery is clear on the bottom of the piece.

Please feel free to ask questions concerning this piece. This milk pitcher would be a beautiful addition to a collection or as a decorator piece for a farmhouse kitchen. The size is perfect for a table bouquet of yard flowers.

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From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Kitchen Collection