Woman With A Sword ~ The Story of Anna Ella Carroll

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"Woman with a Sword" by Hollister Noble 

1948 Peoples Book Club

 A historical accounting of the influence of Anna Ella Carroll and her influence on the military campaigns during the Civil War. Characters and events are factual accounts. The book tells the story with facts and documentation of important events in which Anna played a vital and largely unknown hand in the military plans of the Union Army.


 "Hers was the greatest course in the war. She found herself, got no pay, and did the great work that made others famous." Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War 

I think that could be said of many a great man.


 The hard back book covers are firm and in good condition The cover and binding are still secured but have begun to pull away a bit in places. The color artwork on the inside covers is bright and rich. The pages have yellowed with time but are clean and soft as vintage thick pages often are. The outer cover is sun faded. lettering the binding is visible but very faded.


This is a wonderful purchase. You have a piece of history in a very unique accounting. You have a classic piece of traditional decor for your shelf. And you have the biographical story of a strong woman and a patriotic American.

First Edition Copy.

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