Wonderful Starburst Micro Mosaic Brooch

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Artisan Micro Mosaic Starburst in Gold Setting

Micro Mosaics were made to draw the eye. And hold it for a few seconds. The tiny paintings were created from slices of spun glass and stone to form a stunning visual. From the hand made findings and meticulously cut tiles to the finished piece of jewelry they harken to time when skills were appreciated and collected for their fair worth.

These pieces travel through the generations as timeless and classic works adapting to changing styles and color palettes. This piece with its bright red tiles that form a poppy in the center are surrounded by points of red and gold handwork. There are some spots of oxidation on the goldtone setting. All tiles are intact.

The 1 1/4 inch brooch is Hallmarked Italy on the back. It has a hook and arm clasp. It could easily be repurposed into a necklace or hair piece. 

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From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Vanity Collection

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