Wooden Anvil Carved from Century Old Wood

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Wood is a time traveler gathering life stories as it goes.

The wooden beams that are the structure for Walter's timber frame Forge have had a long and rich history. They have seen a young America in a forest once filled with stands of old growth trees. They have seen a time of American industry rise, flourish and then fall to the wayside. They have journeyed far from the original ground that the seed fell on to the deep south, where after nearly 200 years they are gathering new chapters of life and history that will long outlast this maker.

You can visit the Wit and Wisdom Blog to read a little more about their story. We were left with some wonderful drops from the rebuild of the timber frame. We are the those folks that won't throw anything away and they have become wonderful pieces for various people. The last of them were too small and damaged to become anything of size, so Walter made the choice to carve anvils from the battered ends.

Each anvil is the same size as Walter's Hay Budden Anvil that rings everyday in the Forge. They vary a bit of course but are approximately 24 inches long, 5 to 6 inches wide and 11 to 12 inches tall. Because of the slits and cracks that were beginning to take their toll they were all painted with numerous coats of a protective outdoor paint and sealed with a thick coat of bees wax, hand buffed to hard satin finish. The gentle rolling grain of the 200 year old Douglas Fir is still visible as well as knots and worn places on the old wood. They each weigh 10 to 12 pounds.

These are statement pieces that can be a unique decorative item used as a stand alone work of art or as an adornment for a mailbox post or an advertising sign. 2 of these have already been purchased to become arm rest for a lovely wooden bench.


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